iN.gredients FACEMASKS REVIEW If you've seen my latest Asos Haul then you'd know I bought these two facemasks, I picked them up as I had never heard of the brand before so was intrigued! I tested the Candy Cane Creme one first and then a week later did the other as I thought then I could... Continue Reading →


I got this Red denim jacket from Asos about a month ago and haven't really worn it so thought when I did it was worth writing a post! This outfit is casual however I dressed it up with the Jacket and boots! Onto the OOTD:  Basic T-shirt - I got this recently from Primark and... Continue Reading →


I love Asos, you should know this now if you've read any other of my posts. I placed an order as I was interested in trying a few products from The Ordinary and thought I would share with you what I picked up!   So firstly is The ordinary Serum and also the Coverage Foundation!... Continue Reading →


Hello! So this weekend I have spent in Scotland at my boyfriends. He lives somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I'm obviously not going to give the exact location! My dad and sister were staying in a travel lodge in Edinburgh for one night and leaving the Sunday evening and then I was staying at my... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Facemasks!

So I personally love using facemasks, I think they totally give my skin a cleanse and clean my pores! I thought I'd share a few of my favourites and I'd love if any of you have any recommendations for me?! Also comment down below do you guys use a brush or your fingers to apply... Continue Reading →


I love Asos and especially when it's getting to Autumn and all the knitwear and boots start coming out. I am in the need of some real winter staples for my wardrobe even though lets face it I will just stick to wearing my Jack Wills hoody, jeans and fluffy socks... My inspiration behind going... Continue Reading →


So a couple of weeks ago rather spontaneously I flew over to Spain to see my boyfriend. We have been long distance for nearly two years now which is crazy! The flight is about 2 and a half hours which isn't too bad. I flew over with my dad as I'm too anxious to fly... Continue Reading →

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