MY TOP 10 SKINCARE ESSENTIALS Welcome back to my blog, today I will be sharing my top 10 skincare essentials that I can't live without. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion A staple in most peoples skincare collection, if you haven't tried this - where have you been?! E45 Cream When my skin is really bad I often use... Continue Reading →

The First Time I… TAG!

The First Time I... TAG! I love this idea so much as you get to look back and have to actually think about these things so here goes... The First Time I…. Had a party – Only child parties where I'd have loads of boys over for my Birthday. I was literally just friends with... Continue Reading →

Social Media

Hi lovelies I hope you've all had a great day! Just a quick post today all about Social Media. Do you follow my Twitter? I have recently changed it from more of a personal Twitter to my blog one so it's another platform, comment your handles below or drop me a follow and I will... Continue Reading →


I love Asos and especially when it's getting to Autumn and all the knitwear and boots start coming out. I am in the need of some real winter staples for my wardrobe even though lets face it I will just stick to wearing my Jack Wills hoody, jeans and fluffy socks... My inspiration behind going... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I have been so out of the loop with blogging recently and I'm finally getting back into it. I thought I would share something that I have been doing a lot recently, my skin is so bad that it needs this! I do this routine a couple times a week. So firstly I... Continue Reading →


Good Morning! I have previously done a Wishlist Blog Post and I thought I would do another as I always find these interesting to read! I'm going to make this into a series and do another with clothing and possibly a few others if I can think of them with 5 or so items, feel... Continue Reading →


I haven't wrote a favourites post in months now and I thought I should considering I have so much to share. I will jump straight in as I have a few things! Firstly would be my new hair brush, The Tangle Teaser Blow-Styling Full Paddle Brush. It is incredible!! I am normally lazy with drying my... Continue Reading →


Good morning! Happy Monday 🙂 Now I love baking and when I saw this recipe that Janes Patisserie posted (check out her blog, she has absolutely incredible recipes) I had to bake it! I have a little baking page on Facebook where my family and friends can purchase cakes that I make as I'm raising money for... Continue Reading →

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