MY GOALS FOR 2018! So I can't believe this year has gone so quickly!! I bet every one and their mother has said that but you know, it's so true. I thought I would put a little post together with some yearly goals. I'm going to attempt to do 12, one for each month I... Continue Reading →


Hello! So this weekend I have spent in Scotland at my boyfriends. He lives somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I'm obviously not going to give the exact location! My dad and sister were staying in a travel lodge in Edinburgh for one night and leaving the Sunday evening and then I was staying at my... Continue Reading →


So a couple of weeks ago rather spontaneously I flew over to Spain to see my boyfriend. We have been long distance for nearly two years now which is crazy! The flight is about 2 and a half hours which isn't too bad. I flew over with my dad as I'm too anxious to fly... Continue Reading →

First post.... wahey. For the past few years I've thought about writing a blog, since my recent adventures to Lanzarote with my sister and Grandparents; my boyfriend persuaded me to write about it (as long as he could spell check it...). After visiting Lanzarote in 2014 and 2016 during the easter half term my Grandpy... Continue Reading →

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