Items for sale on my DEPOP!

I know I have a few posts regarding my Depop but I had an idea of telling you about some things I have for sale on my Depop currently! There are various beauty items which would be great for reviews ect. Comment below your depop and I'll give you a follow over there! If you... Continue Reading →

Recent DEPOP purchases!!

So I LOVEEE Depop.... I mainly sell on it as I'm trying to save money (well that's what I tell myself.) but occasionally I see things that I can't resist and I thought I could share it with you all! My Depop is @rachelcrocker_ ! Please do check it out and give me a follow.... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I have been so out of the loop with blogging recently and I'm finally getting back into it. I thought I would share something that I have been doing a lot recently, my skin is so bad that it needs this! I do this routine a couple times a week. So firstly I... Continue Reading →


I haven't wrote a favourites post in months now and I thought I should considering I have so much to share. I will jump straight in as I have a few things! Firstly would be my new hair brush, The Tangle Teaser Blow-Styling Full Paddle Brush. It is incredible!! I am normally lazy with drying my... Continue Reading →


Now I know I have already wrote a post about this but I've just posted a hell of a lot of new items on depop recently and I'd love for you all to check it out! My username is @rachelcrocker_ Hit me up !!!   Rachel xx  

A Little Haul!

So I went shopping yesterday and picked up a few things that I thought I'd share. I only bought things from two shops but I'm very chuffed with my purchases! Firstly I went to Boots which is always dangerous as I could buy literally everything! I went in as I saw Lydia Millen raving about... Continue Reading →


So about 9 days ago I placed and order off Tarte Cosmetics! I saw a deal online where you could get 5 items for something like £50 if I remember rightly! It arrived in this beautiful packaging which made me even more excited. You firstly choose a makeup bag and out of the two on... Continue Reading →

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