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I won't lie, this time of year is shit for me as it is for lots of others I guess. The most wonderful time of the year is really not. I don't want to be a downer but I really am not feeling writing at the moment. I have several blog posts scheduled which I will... Continue Reading →

Social Media

Hi lovelies I hope you've all had a great day! Just a quick post today all about Social Media. Do you follow my Twitter? I have recently changed it from more of a personal Twitter to my blog one so it's another platform, comment your handles below or drop me a follow and I will... Continue Reading →


So I was nominated buy the ever so lovely Emily for this award! She has a lovely blog which includes makeup and reviews ect. Thank you for the nomination again! ❤ Previous Versatile Blog Awards Post Rules: Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you Share the link of the blogger who... Continue Reading →


So of course I wrote a gift guide for women and couldn't not do one for men! I pulled a few things together at various prices so hopefully this will help you out getting presents for boyfriends, friends, dads, grandads ect. Link to women's gift guide >HERE< Under £10 Harry Potter Notebook (£6.99) Now if... Continue Reading →


Most people who do makeup or wear it have to wash their brushes right? Or at least that's what we tell everyone... Oh yeah I was my brushes weekly! A lot of people use baby shampoo or shampoo, I use the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser just as I trust it! What do I use? As... Continue Reading →


I haven't wrote a favourites post in months now and I thought I should considering I have so much to share. I will jump straight in as I have a few things! Firstly would be my new hair brush, The Tangle Teaser Blow-Styling Full Paddle Brush. It is incredible!! I am normally lazy with drying my... Continue Reading →

Recent Purchases!

So I thought I would write a little post about some recent purchases! Now these will be slightly random and I doubt there will be any order or flow, like my life! Recently I have really got into Clarins, their products that I have used so far are incredible and I can't recommend them enough!... Continue Reading →


Hi guys, was just wondering what motivates you to write?! Have been struggling to write and finish off posts recently.  I have 6 in my drafts... Please comment and send help!   R x

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