TRAVEL DIARY : Spain with my Boyfriend – Our first little trip abroad together!

TRAVEL DIARY : Spain with my Boyfriend – Our first little trip abroad together!

If you’ve read my blog for a while you know I love doing little travel diary posts so here we are today of a trip to Spain with my Boyfriend. Again if you pay attention you know my Boyfriend and I are in a LDR. Bit of background, He used to live in Spain with his parents but moved back to his hometown in the UK recently for education.

Also please don’t think I’m bragging about going away, I wanted to write this post to remember these things because I have kicked SO much anxiety out of my life and I’m so proud of myself.

(I know this is two months late but I still wanted to share!)

SO this was my Boyfriend and I’s first little trip abroad together which I was mostly excited about. We flew into Alicante from Bristol on the 10th of April and came home on the 16th from Murcia Airport. Our flight was at 19.45 pm and we landed in Alicante at 23.10pm (Spain are an hour ahead of the UK). When we got there we were exhausted so headed straight to bed.

Our first day on the Wednesday was firstly spent with a huge lie in. Then after finally showering and getting ready, my Boyfriend’s Stepdad’s daughter, son and two children came round for lunch (I probably messed the apostrophes up there, I haven’t studied English for over two years – don’t judge). This was a lot for me! I have never met any of my Boyfriend’s family minus his parents and brother but I tried so hard and didn’t run off anywhere! That was about 3 hours and then straight after them leaving we went out with one of Dom’s friends and girlfriend for dinner. We went to a place called ‘Fresco’ which was lovely as per usual. Then after wandering round a few shops we got back and headed to bed.

Then on Thursday I had a huge lie in, according to my Fitbit I slept for 10 and a half hours which is a new record for me! We had breakfast, got ready to head out at 1pm with Dom’s friend and girlfriend again. This time we adventured to a museum in Alicante. We were wanting to go to a museum however it was a national holiday meaning pretty much everywhere was closed including some roads, we just ended up walking round which although it was tiering it was really nice.


Our second half of the holiday was spent bowling, eating out, swimming, visiting and spending time with Dom’s friends and a loottttttt of sleeping. Also look at the dog below, oh myyy….


So that’s my trip to Spain concluded! I hope you enjoyed reading and taking a look into my holiday. One thing I would like to say is, if you have an opportunity to do anything – just do it. I have suffered quite extreme stress and anxiety for the past few years however that it hugely changing and I’m noticing a difference in my mood and the things I am experiencing because I’m saying yes.

IMG_0365 2

You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.

Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo 

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