Life Update – I FINALLY got a job!

Life Update – I finally got a job!

So it’s been nearly two years since I’ve finished school and did my GCSEs and finally I have a job. I’ll be working at my local Boston Tea Party which if you don’t know is a cafe/resturant that started in Bristol! I love because it’s all organic and fresh and as good for the environment as it can be!

Many of you probably don’t think this is a big thing however it’s a HUGE thing for me! I have finally defeated my anxiety and bad health (kind of)… I will be starting part time just doing a few, four hour shifts a week! This is great as my sister and I are in the process of getting a car together which means I’ll need some spare money.

I had my first shift today and was baking for my whole shift! If you know me you know I love baking, I made 4 lemon drizzles, scones, a tray of 50 brownies (!) and cinnamon bundt cake. It was so much fun and the people are so so lovely.

Blogging has really been put on the back burner for me at the moment, I’ve not felt too inspired to write or had many ideas. I’m sure this will change soon!

Thank you for reading! I will get back on track with everything soon I hope, thanks for sticking around.

Rachel xo

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