So on Saturday the 7th of April I saw the gorgeous Harry Styles in Birmingham, I thought I would do a travel diary post all about it like my previous one for the Little Mix Concert. This is crazy late going up however I wanted to remember this so thought I would post it anyway.

Link to the Little Mix travel diary >HERE<

So I bought two tickets to see Harry Styles in the Genting Arena, it feels like months ago that I booked the tickets! I bought them for my sister’s 21st Birthday, it was supposed to be a surprise but I was too excited and told her the same day I bought them. Typical me.

We travelled down to Birmingham from Bristol with our family friends who also happened to be going to the same concert! We left at about 3pm ish. It takes roughly about 2 hours to get there so after a long journey we finally made it.

We got there pretty early so decided to get dinner in Nando’s however the queue was an hour! So we queued for an hour. It was worth having a meal before going in as food in the arena seemed expensive.

After this we headed towards the arena. We were fortunate as we had seated tickets we didn’t need to get there hours before to actually get a view standing! This meant we got there not too long before 7pm.

Our seats were amazing, we were in block one and only like 14ish rows back.

I can’t remember what time but eventually Mabel the support act came on. I’ll give it to her, she was really good however it was so loud (Not being a granny, my ear drums were ready to burst).

After her performance the nerves waiting for Harry came on, it was such a mix of emotions the whole night. I was the biggest One Direction fan yet I never got to see them in concert so I was a balling mess for most of the night. The suspense killed me but finally he came on and I cried and cried and cried. He sang most songs from his new album with the odd One Direction song and a song he produced and gave to Ariana. On my Instagram I have a little highlight of videos from the night so if you’re interested go find that!

If you ever get to see Harry live, do it. He puts on the best show, I had the time of my life! He had a gorgeous blue suit on which he rocked. His band were amazing, he seemed to have such a bond with them all which I love.

Then finally we headed home, thankfully we had a lift home and didn’t have to stay overnight as it was super expensive! (We would have missed the last train home). Also my Boyfriend was over so I’d feel bad leaving him for the night. We got home at about 12.30am and headed straight to bed.

One month later and I’m still emotional about the fact that I saw Harry, I had such a good time it makes me tear up.

That sums up my trip to see the babe that is Harry Styles! Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo


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