I’m always so nosey to see what’s on other peoples phones so this post is for those nosey people out there like me!

Phone Case and Lock screen

My phone case is off a shop on Depop called @laurennnnjb – she sells loads of phone cases, this one cost me £4.50 I think which isn’t bad. Then my lock screen is one of my favourite pictures ever, it’s of my boyfriend and I.

First page:

So my first page is all the classics really and essentials. Settings, Notes, Photos, Camera, FaceTime, Calendar, a folder of things I don’t use, phone, wallet, App Stores, Contacts, Mail and then Vodafone.

Then along the bottom is Messages, Internet, Music and also WhatsApp.


Second Page:

My second page is mostly apps I have downloaded. So we have the Utilites Folder, Social Folder, My Wellness which is my gym app, Spotify, Fitbit, Instagram, HSBC Banking, Games Folder, Track and Trace which is what I use to track Depop parcels I send, BBC News and also the Podcasts app which recently I have been using a lot more.



From period apps to easyJet.

First things first is the Calm App- absolute game changer to help with anxiety, Headspace – Meditation, Rain Rain, First Bus, Paypal, Costa, Nando’s – I’m nearly at a free meal and I’m buzzing about it, GBK, Subcard.

Second Section holds First Bus M Tickets, Flo, Would You Rather, Calm Harm, Heart, Easy Jet, 100 Dumbbell Exercises and also Mail Online.


Social Media, the folder which is a blessing as well as a curse.

First up is Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Snapchat which I hardly use anymore, Twitter, Depop, WordPress, Youtube, Netflix, Discord.

The second and third section is a little more random, I have the Dancing On Ice app, Influenster, Countdown, Google Docs and Sheets, Colorstory, HUJI, Filterra, Photoshop Fix, VSCO, Lightroom CC and also PS Express.


The place I go when I’m bored.

Tiny Tower, Idle Miner, Subway Surfers, Cut The Rope, Coin Dozer, Hill Climb Racer, Parking, Ad Cap and Nonstop Balls – get this game it’s the best.

Hill Climb Racer 2, Fruit Ninja, Shape Escape, Scale, Temple Run and Fight List. So basically all the classics.

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo

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