I have had Depop for about a year and a half now so I feel like I am able to write this post all about the Do’s and Don’ts.

My Depop is @rachelcrocker_ let me know below if you follow me on there and I’ll follow back!


  • Check the persons reviews, if they have a low number of stars and all their sold items reviews say bad things do not buy from them. This is an easy mistake to make however be especially careful when spending higher amounts of money.
  • Always buy through the app, don’t send money through ‘Family and Friends’ on Paypal – the person may miss out on the depop and paypal fees however if you do this and you don’t receive the item you have no legs to stand on basically.



  • With items like makeup and fragile items, bubble wrap is your best friend. It seems excessive but that parcel will be chucked around like it’s nothing so make sure it’s as protected as it can be.
  • Send things tracked, if you don’t do this straight away you will learn to. I have had people claim they haven’t received parcels so sending things tracked and signed for means you can easily track parcels.
  • Ensure in your bio you have stated clearly if you don’t want to give refunds or have items returned. I have this written in my bio however sometimes yes sometimes things have gone wrong – if they have been my fault then I have given refunds but I don’t promote that I do.
  • Take attractive photos which will draw people to the item and give as much detail as possible about the item as well as in the photos of items.
  • Make sure you know prices of items and about them, selling a £5 concealer for £5 then £3 postage (so £8 altogether!) is a no no. No one will buy it unless your prices are below the RRP.
  • Selling a used makeup palette that costs £50 for £45 +postage on top is ridiculous also, you aren’t going to get that kind of money especially if an item is used! If it is brand new with packaging still on then it will probably sell
  • It’s okay to knock prices of items down! With some things I will price it higher and then if someone makes an offer for a bit cheaper I will be more happy to accept most of the time.


You can find bubble wrap in most supermarkets and shops like the Range, you can get a huge roll for a couple pounds online also.

Bubble wrap lined posting pouches are safest to send most items in (with makeup I bubble wrap it then put it in one of these). Items like clothing I use polythene envelopes as they do not need to be bubble wrapped (you can buy packs of assorted sizes of 100’s for £5 on amazon, probably even cheaper on eBay). Also occasionally I will use postal boxes when sending multiple items that are breakables.


It seems ridiculous but following a lot of people is super helpful, people will follow you back and interact. People aren’t going to buy your items straight away when you post things or are first starting on Depop so be patient but it will pick up!

Shoutout for shoutouts are often helpful (if anyone wants one of these, again message me), I share pictures of their account and give a brief description of what they’re selling.

Another thing is promoting things you’re selling on depop on your socials, I often do this on my Instagram.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please feel free to leave them below!

Rachel xo



Email for any enquires/PR requests:

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Depop: @rachelcrocker_ OR Link

My Personal Instagram: @_rachelcrocker


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  1. What a great and helpful post! May I just say something, if I was you I would find another theme for your amazing blog, because I don’t think it makes any justice for your beautiful photography – it’s just a tip not a bad comment ❤ xx

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