ALL ABOUT MY APRIL – The best month I have had in a long time.

ALL ABOUT MY APRIL – The best month I have had in a long time.

I know it is now May however I just wanted to write a little post all about the glorious month of April. This may seem silly to some however the amount of anxiety and things I have faced and done this month is pretty monumental for me personally so I wanted to share and hopefully show that you can hit rock bottom with anxiety/mental health but you can also come back even stronger and do things beyond your wildest dreams.

I started the month in London, something I was terrified to do. Last summer my mum, sister and I had a trip planned to London and my anxiety and stress stopped us all going – I still feel awful about this now. I was apprehensive but I totally proved myself wrong and had the best time. You can read all about it here. I didn’t take any medication, I stayed in a room on my own for 3 nights and did everything we planned to do so overall I am super happy about that.

I saw the gorgeous Harry Styles in concert. I haven’t been to a concert since last November but before them not for months due to my anxiety. I was a bit anxious before however I had the best time of my life. I went with my sister as I bought her tickets for her birthday and it was just the best. Although it was a month ago I’m still hoping to get the travel diary blog post up all about it with all the photos and details.


I went Tubing, this wasn’t something I was anxious about however I haven’t socialised in a long time and I did it and didn’t freak out. Overall I had a good time with my Dad, Sister, Dom and two of my Sisters friends.


Then the main thing is that I went to Spain with Dom (My Boyf) for a week. This was a super big thing for me as previous times when I visited my Boyfriend and his parents whilst he was living in Spain with them I had bad moments and didn’t really want to go back (Not due to his parents or friends, they are lovely). However during my time over there I faced so so much anxiety, socially and just in general. We went on day trips with his friends, for meals/drinks with his parents and overall had a good time – I hadn’t done any of these things before or had really put them off and struggled.

Finally to top my month off I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!! I can’t believe I actually get to write that but it’s true! This I was super nervous for, I didn’t tell many people I was even taking my test as I thought that would add stress. Overall I did super well and only got four minors, you can read all about my experience here.

IMG_8098 2

Although I did all these things last month which were incredible for me, I feel like I have really lost my spark with my blog and blog Instagram so I am super sorry for being inactive however I am getting back into it now so hopefully it’ll get back to normal!

Thank you for reading! See you soon,

Rachel xo


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