So whilst I was away last week I did a cheeky online Boots order, this was influenced by the Boots Seventeen Stay Time Foundation. I have seen people going on about it for months as it’s been heavily reduced as I’m presuming it’ll be discontinued.


I will do a follow up post of first impressions containing all the products from this post so keep your eye out for that.

So overall I picked up 6 things from Seventeen, including a free eyeliner.


So firstly I picked up two Seventeen Stay Time foundations, I did this as I was unsure on which shade to go for. I picked the two lightest they had left, porcelain and soft ivory. The reviews for this foundation were amazing so I have high hopes! It originally was £6.49 but was on offer for £1.95! Since writing this post the foundation has gone back up to £6.49 which I’m gutted about as I was going to stock up whilst it was cheaper!

Next I got the Blemish BB Balm in the shade ‘Light’, I do like wearing foundation because of the coverage it offers however because this was on offer I thought it would be a great time to try a BB cream. This was on offer for £2.10 from £6.99.

Then I got the Stay Time Pressed Powder in ‘Fair’, I thought it would go along nicely with the foundation hopefully considering it’s from the same range. This cost £1.50 from £4.99.

Also from Seventeen I got the Wow Skin Concealer in the shade ‘Fair’, I have seen this spoken about before and it would be rude not to considering it was again only £1.50 from £4.99.

If you purchase two items from Seventeen you got a free Make Your Mark Precision Eyeliner Pen in Blackest Black, I don’t use eyeliner however they are handy to have. This retails originally for £3.99.


Next I got a Zoella Weekly Goals Desk Planner, it was on offer for £5. I use desk planners like these all the time, I find it super helpful to write out things I need to do. I can’t wait to start using this. It was originally £10 which I think is expensive for what it is. It has check lists and also contains sticky notes.

Then I saw that the Nivea Nourishing Body Mousses were on offer. I had seen these before in store but was waiting for them to go on offer! It was £2.50 from £3.99.

I also picked up some back up on the Westlab Mineral Bathing Epsom Salts (1kg). If you follow my Instagram then you’d have probably see me mention these, I will be writing a more in depth review of these some time soon. They are on offer for £2.49 currently from £4.99 which I think is great considering the amount of uses you get in a packet.


I next picked up three things from the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range because they were on 3 for 2. The Exfoliating Pads (60 pads, £4.99), Cleansing and Toning Lotion (150ml, £3.99 but free in this instance) and also the Intense Deep Cleanse Facial Mask with Charcoal (50ml, £3.99).


Thank you for reading! I’m getting back into blogging now and have really stepped up with the photos.

Rachel xo


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