Birmingham Snow Dome – Adrenaline Tubing!

Birmingham Snow Dome – Adrenaline Tubing!

For my Sister’s Birthday we spent the weekend in London but also had Tubing Planned to do with my Dad and my Sister’s friends.


We travelled from Bristol to Birmingham which was a two hour journey. Eventually we made it to the Birmingham Snow Dome.

At the Snow Dome they offer Skiing and Snowboarding (They offer lessons), Ice Skating (They offer sessions and lessons), Swimming (They offer sessions and lessons), Climbing, A gym, Spa and also Snow Fun which includes tobogganing and tubing. They are children friendly.

Adrenaline Tubing costs £9.25 and you get a 30 minute session.

We booked it online as when we checked they only had one time left for everyday we had available! I recommend booking just so you aren’t disappointed if it’s fully booked. Simply when we got there we gave our reference number and we were in. Our session was at 19.05pm and we got there at 18.30pm.

Online it recommends to wear warm clothes and layers, study footwear such as wellies or walking boots and also gloves and wooly hat – this was a must! I didn’t, I just wore a hoodie and regretted it!

Overall we had a great time! I recommend going, it is also super affordable for £9.25. However the tobogganing looked more fun so I would probably do that instead. The tubing went quite quickly and you only go down the slope about 4 times in the half an hour which was disappointing. It was okay though and an experience.

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo

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