I always see people doing these so thought I would do one myself!

First things first I’d ask what you were drinking, I don’t like tea or coffee so it would have to be a hot chocolate if something hot, if not I’m all for drinking water.

Second off, I would tell you that I’ve booked my driving test! It is at the end of April so I have at least 3 lessons left. At first I was anxious about booking it but if anything it has now given me confidence and I’m very hopeful to pass first time! One reason is because it cost me £62. Yes you read that right, £62!! (I am now broke and am not living).

I’d also tell you I made a new friend, she is one of my Boyfriend’s Friends’ Girlfriend – If that makes sense? I’m going over to Spain with my Boyfriend in April and I’m going to meet her which we are both anxious about as we’re shy but I’m soooo excited to meet her and start socialising again.

Then I would tell you that April is going to be so so busy for me. I am going to London for my Sisters 21st Birthday, I’m going tubing, Seeing Harry Styles, My Boyfriend is coming to mine and then we’re heading to Spain for a week, I have my driving test and ALSO deadlines. Lord help me and my anxiety!

I’m going to be writing a full post about the trip to London, the Tubing experience, Harry Styles, The trip to Spain and also how my driving test was! So expect a lot of travel diaries coming your way. I do love writing about travel, they’re really nice to look back on and also I think getting the opinion of people who have been places you are going is super helpful!

Because my April is crazy busy I’m trying to write all my blog posts now and schedule them, apologies if I miss the occasional upload.


I think that is all I would say if we were having a cuppa! I’d love to see you write this post  or if you already have let me know as I’d like to read.

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo 

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