So you may have watched a few of these movies or series before but if not then hopefully this gives you a good recommendation! Please note I literally have an attention span of a toddler so these are genuine things I love, I don’t like most things!


I love Friends, if you haven’t seen it then watch it. I literally grew up from being a baby watching this with my parents. I had no idea what was going on but loved it! Recently they put Friends on Netflix and the internet kind of went crazy! Friends is an all rounder.

Gilmore Girls

This is such a feel good Series to watch. I feel like everyone can relate to certain story lines or characters. It is quite slow but I really like it. Also there is an after movie which is on Netflix and oh my word, cliffhanger. 

How I Met your Mother

How I met your Mother was such a pleasure to watch, it was funny and just relatable. It is similar to Friends, I don’t prefer it to Friends but I would watch it again!


Pretty Little Liars

I feel like Pretty Little Liars went on years, which it did, however without a doubt it is a good series to watch. It is quite tense and for a younger audience who watch it as well as the older I think it should maybe have an age rating if it doesn’t already?! All in all it’s a good series and I would recommend it to everyone.

Gossip Girl

If you didn’t watch Gossip Girl, where have you been? It’s gripping and relatable. People date friends Ex’s, it’s dramatic and great. Also I did find parts scary, just me?!

Gavin and Stacey

I LOVE Gavin and Stacey, I probably know most of the lines to it! Gavin and Stacey is a feel good thing to watch also, it is funny, cringeworthy but so brilliantly written and made. Gavin and Stacey is something to brighten you up on a rainy day, without fail it’ll make you laugh. 

Baby Driver

Now normally I’m not into action type films but this has been a game changer! Baby driver is exciting, musical and so gripping. You won’t regret watching this film. I can sit and watch the whole things which says something! 

Now You See Me (1 & 2!)

Without a doubt these to films are two of my favourite. They are pure brilliance and magic. You spot new things every single time you watch it and I haven’t got bored of it, yet. These two are a solid recommendation. 


Kingsman : The Secret Service

Finally has to be Kingsman! Kingsman again is one of my favourite films, it is funny and really gripping. A few bits I do find scary however for the most of it I’m obsessed. It is so easy to watch. This was released in 2014 and in the past 3/4 years I have probably watched it way too many times!


Have you watched any of my top 10 before?

Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo

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