A few picks for Mother’s Day.

A few picks for Mother’s Day.

Now Mother’s Day is fast approaching and whether you are celebrating the love of a Mother, Grandmother, Sister or someone you look up to highly then I think it is lovely. I thought I would put a little post together of a few picks that could give you inspiration.

Online picks

Makeup Bag with ‘Beautiful Inside’ RRP £6.

This little Makeup Bag is absolutely stunning, I will definitely be picking this up for my Mum!


Not on the High Street

Not on the high street have a great selection for Mother’s Day this year. I have chosen a few of my favs that are below.

‘Mother and Daughter’ Bracelet 

If your significant women is a jewellery lover then something like this bracelet is always safe. This is so meaningful. There are a lot of personalised and sweet pieces of jewellery available. 


Gun Metal Pearl And Cashmere Shawl

This is stunning. I am tempted to purchase it for myself… A shawl or scarf is a lovely gift and not something you’d receive every year.


Personalised Everything I Am Scented Candle

This is pricey however a candle that says ‘Everything I am you helped me to be’ can you get cuter than that?!! You can also personalise this. Although I would love to get this for my mum I think £29 is an extortionate amount! Lovely though. 



Gift Sets

Whether it is this lovely No7 Skincare Set from Boots or Yankee Candle Set a gift set is great. With a gift set they can try things they may not have before.


Gift cards

Gift cards are normally safe, it could be for Boots, a shopping centre, Jo Malone or anywhere maybe that is more luxurious for them and somewhere they wouldn’t usually shop. Even getting a £10 one could mean they feel better buying something they’ve had their eye on!

Gift Card


Most people like flowers, whether it’s just a cheap bunch from the supermarket or from a Florist, your mum or significant person will not mind! It is the thought that counts with flowers and I’m sure it will be much appreciated. I personally love getting flowers, it feels my day with joy.




A card is key! Even just if you give a card it is a sign of love and again appreciation. Words can be preferred to a present and will most likely mean more. Paperchase have some lovely ones this year where some of the proceeds go to charity, which I am also fond of!

A day trip

Maybe a Spa day or Afternoon Tea, spending time with your Mum will always be appreciated. It is also a treat for you both!

That is all for today! I hope this gave you some Inspo and help for Mother’s Day.

Rachel xo

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