My HOLYGRAIL things I have LOVED This Winter!

My HOLYGRAIL Products I have LOVED This Winter!

Winter seems to have lasted forever. Ever since my Birthday (In October) it has literally taken eternity to get to today, the end of Febuary which means Spring is just round the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.


Here are just a few things that I have LOVED during this long winter.


Carmex has quite literally saved my lips during winter. I keep one in my Mums’ car, my Dads’ car, a coat pocket and beside my bed. It fixes my lips just like that and protects them from being dry and cracked. Carmex are super affordable they last literally FOREVER. You can pick them up from Superdrug, Boots, Primark and supermarkets (Basically everywhere!) so you have no excuse not to try it! They also come in a few different flavours such as Original, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach and Mango Burst.



This is kind of obvious, right? but these have literally been my hero this season. There’s nothing worse than cold feets and toes, especially for me as I have awful circulaton. The majority of mine are from M&S or Primark, Primark’s are so cheap! I’m at home most of the time and often catch a chill so these are lovely as they mean you don’t get too hot but you still look cute and cosy! I have a whole drawer full of fluffy and slipper socks.


I had balyage done to my hair in late November (See Post all about it >HERE< so with it being blonde I knew I needed to use purple shampoo and conditioner to maintain the colour and stop the brassiness. I picked these two up from Sainsburys and they were £3 each. I got the conditioner in the big size as I always use way too much! I have been using this since I got my hair done so basically all winter and it has saved my hair and it’s condition.




I have really got back into watching Netflix during winter as I can cosy up under a blanket and chill. A few things I have been watching are: Jack Whitehall (basically all of his Tours!), The Crown, Miranda and re watching old favourites like Outnumbered.


I have three pots of these that I bought after Christmas and I have been absolutely LOVING it! It is so moisturising and feels luxury on the skin.



Now I have no idea which version this is as my Boyfriend somehow put it on my laptop for me but I have absolutely been loving The Sims during this chilly Winter.


Would it be a blog post all about winter if candles weren’t mentioned?! I have been loving a few from Yankee Candle which have been Black Cherry and Salted Carmel.


At the start of the year I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 7 plus and I’ve been obsessed ever since! It feels weird to hold my old phone size wise, I was so sceptical about how big it is but in reality it hasn’t changed anything! I love my phone and I can do so much more on it, more than my 6S. It has upped my blog photo game also!

Thank you for reading, were any of these things things you loved also?!

Rachel xo


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