My Pandora Ring Collection

My Pandora Ring Collection

So today I thought I would share with you all my Pandora Ring Collection, now in no way at all am I bragging or boasting I just thought I would share what I have collected over the past few years and the stories behind each one.

Shimmering Leaves Ring in size 52.

I wear this on my index finger on my left hand. Rrp £70. My lovely Boyfriend got me this the day we met, he didn’t actually give it to me myself but the story is so cute! Basically I met him on the day of my prom (we were together 8 months before that) and whilst I was in the hairdresser getting my hair done for prom my mum and Boyfriend were sat in the seating area behind. Somehow without me seeing he sneakily gave her a printed out picture of the ring and £80, he did this so that when he left to go home (we’re in a Ldr) my mum and I could go and get the ring…. How SWEET! 


Princess Tiara Ring in size 48.

I wear this on my left hand on my ring finger, Rrp £45. Again my lovely Boyfriend bought me this, it is special as it is on my ring finger. I feel like every one has this ring however it’s really special to me and means a lot. 


October Birthstone Ring (Old Style) in size 50.

I wear this on my right hand on my index finger, Rrp £40. My sister bought me this for my 18th Birthday, I don’t wear it every day but I do a lot. It’s so pretty, I have always had my eye on this, I was devastated when they bought out the new collection of birthstone rings as I thought I was never going to be able to get my hands on the old style! I also have the matching earrings that my Boyfriend got me for my Birthday.


Infinite Shine Ring in size 48.

I wear this on my right hand on my fourth finger stacked with the Purple Ring. Rrp £35. I don’t wear this too often as it is too small. Since writing this I have put it up for sale on my Depop as it is just too small (My username is @rachelcrocker_)


Purple Ring in size 50.

I wear this on my right hand on my fourth finger. Sadly I don’t know the actual name and couldn’t find it on the website. It is gorgeous and I’m pretty sure I bought it in the sale so it was about £30.


Laurel Wreath Ring in size 58.

I wear this on my right hand on my thumb, Rrp £55 however it seems that it is discontinued online. This ring is gorgeous and I wear it pretty much every day. It is the perfect thumb ring. 


Linked Love Ring in size 50.

I wear this on my right hand on my fourth finger, stacked along with the purple ring mentioned two above. It retails for £40. I hardly wear this but it is absolutely stunning and I wish I wore it more!


That sums up my Pandora Ring Collection! Do you have any of these rings?

Rachel xo

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