I absolutely love Lush so I thought I would do a little testing to show what a few products do.

Rocket Science Bath Bomb

This smells of Bergamont and Lemon Aroma, the water goes a gorgeous deep blue colour and on the top of the water it went blue, green and yellow. It smells absolutely divine and costs £2.95. Super affordable and is stunning. Since using this one I went out and purchased another.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is absolutely stunning, I love the brightness of the Midnight Blue and the gold glitter. It smells of Orange and Bergamont and is truly a treat! One thing you may not like is the fact that you get covered in glitter because of the gold stars, not a problem for me but something to watch out for if you dislike glitter.


Thundersnow Bath Bomb

Smelling of Peppermint and Cocoa this is a real favourite of mine, it has popping candy in. Similar to the Rocket Science Bath Bomb the water turned a stunning blue colour, on top of the water it was green, white, blue and slightly yellow. This retails for £4.25. In all honestly I wasn’t really impressed by this. I loved the blue colour of the water but there wasn’t a vibrant patch of colour on top. It was average.

Intergalatic Bath Bomb

This retails for £4.50. It creates blue, pink, yellow, white and green in the bath which is stunning. The colour of the water also went a really deep blue colour. It smells divine of Peppermint and Cederwood. I loved using this bath bomb.

Tea Tree Water Toner 

I bought this on a Wim, whilst browsing I realised I have used similar before and wanted to give this one a try! I use Toner’s on the daily and Tea tree always helps my horrific skin. This cost £4.95 for 100ml and just for £9.50 you get 250ml. I know the 250ml bottle would have been more cost effective however I wanted to try before committing nearly £10 (I’m that cheap lol). I have used this a few times and it’s really nice, it suits my skin well and I’m excited to see how it makes me skin after using it for longer.

See you soon for a Lush Testing Part. 2! Thank you for reading.

Rachel xo

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