Things I’m proud of myself for this month – JANUARY Goals Review

Things I’m proud of myself for this month – JANUARY

I thought every month I would go through my goals that I made at the end of 2017 (Link to that post HERE.)

These were my January Goals:

‘Be more active. I suffer from chronic fatigue this means a lot of the time I’m resting which I know makes it worse. I need to start being active and going for a walk a day or just doing something to get me back to ‘normal’. So, every day in January I’m going to use to couch potato to 5k runner app and try and get fitter whilst also saving my health! Also hopefully in Jan or Feb I will be able to go up to Scotland to see my Boyfriend.’

On the 6th of Jan, I PASSED MY DRIVING THEORY TEST! This is probably one of the proudest moments this month. I was so happy. It took my three time attempts but that just made me even prouder of myself. Hopefully this means that soon I’ll be closer to passing my actual driving test! I thought I would put the first as I am still so proud of myself!

One of my goals was to be more active which I have been doing. I’ve been taking the dog for walks and working out. I do have my down days when I’m the house and I don’t reach my daily goal of Fitbit steps however I don’t let this get me down. I haven’t been using the 5K Runner App because I prefer to take it at my own pace.

Also from my Jan goals I saw my Boyfriend! He came down to Bristol to see my from Scotland so I didn’t go up to Scotland which I did want to do. Hopefully in April or the next half term I will have the confidence to do so.


This month also I kept up with my schedule blog of blog posting and I’ve upgraded and updated my blog! Let me know your thoughts.

Finally, I watched the whole of friends this month… 10 whole seasons..

That’s it for the this month, Happy Feb!

Rachel xo

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