Hi lovelies I thought I would do a little post today all about things I have learnt during my short time of blogging.

Let’s dive straight in…

  1. Do not base your love and drive to blog by numbers and views. I have done this so much and I still do it, however I do it less now. When I first started I was getting about 5 views, I have nearly been blogging properly and on a weekly basis since April and my views have probably gone up by 15 or 20. I know hardly anything but I enjoy blogging, it gives me purpose so I’m not going to stop.
  2. Reply, comment and communicate with people. This is key for getting yout blog out there. You can also see what people like about your posts, ask your viewers questions and see their opinions.
  3. Social Media, now this is a key thing in my opinion. Since starting my blog I have a Blog Instagram and also Twitter, it’s good because you can promote your posts to everyone who follows you. In my opinion it is easier to get followers on Instagram or twitter. It’s a good platform to help your blog.
  4. Take your time, don’t feel obliged to post every single day. Blogging takes a long time to get into a good routine, I’ve posted daily, weekly but now have got into a kind of stable routine of posting every other day. Obviously if you post once a month you are not as likely to have a big following as people will get bored. Also take into consideration that writing, taking photos take a long time to actually do, you could be writing a post for days or weeks.
  5. Be kind, if you don’t like someone or their content simply unfollow them. Do not belittle them or critique their work as it’s simply a horrible thing to do!
  6. Take risks and opportunities, make yourself known to people.
  7. Do collabs with friends or other bloggers, this will widen your audience.
  8. Tell people about yourself, do Q and A’s to connect with people and tell everyone a bit about yourself.

In no way am I an expert however here are just a few tips.

Rachel xo



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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Very solid advice! After six years, I still get wrapped up in the “likes” vs “views”…like, did the people who viewed my blog just hate it? Why do I have 50 views and only 16 likes? But you know…that’s not why I blog. I blog because I like it. 🙂

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    1. I totally agree, thank you ❤️ keep on going 💪🏼

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  2. I complete agree with every point here! Especially the engagement ❤️ x

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  3. Lena Dee says:

    It’s good to pick up these things in the early. Lots of people don’t. Especially the views & likes thing. Blogging can be a lot more fun when don’t keep looking at stats. Social media really does help a lot! Thanks for sharing 😘

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

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    1. Yeah I totally agree, it is easy to get caught up in though 💕


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