My Favourite Makeup Brushes, You NEED Them!

My Favourite Makeup Brushes, You NEED Them!

So here are my top 10 Makeup brushes including Foundation, Contouring and Eyeshadow!


Spectrum B01 Flat Top Foundation Brush (£8.99) and the Revolution Flat Top Foundation Brush (From a Christmas Set)

The Spectrum Brush is amazing and I don’t know what I did before when doing my Foundation! Also the Revolution is super similar, I love how great and even my Foundation looks when I use this brush.

 Superdrug B. Fan Brush (£7.99)

I got this as I was in the need of a fan brush, it does the job and I can’t fault it.


Real Techniques Setting Brush (£7.99)

This was one of the first brushes I ever bought, I got it off Amazon. I use this for Concealer and have another that I use for Highlighter. It blends my Concealer in perfectly. 


Spectrum A05 Angled Blush Brush (£6.99)

I received this in a Birchbox and I’m so happy I did! It is amazing for applying blusher but also for blending contour or bronzer. I have used this brush so much, I think I should buy a new one as I have used it that much!


Supedrug B. Brow Brush (£5.99)

I got this on a Wim as I really needed a spoolie and have used it every day since. 


Real Techniques Bold Metals Arched Powder Brush (£25)

I love this for applying powder, it gives a really lovely finish. I have also used it for bronzer and blush and it works great.


Real Techniques Bold Metals 101 Triangle Foundation (£15.60)

I used this for applying my Moisturiser or Serum.


Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (£21.99, from a set)

This brush is great for applying a colour to the crease and blending. If I wore eyeshadow more then I would get a lot more use out of this but when I do it blends like nothing else.


Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (£21.99, from a set)

This brush is amazing for concealer and also packing on eyeshadow all over the lid. I use this for both but mainly concealer.


Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any of these brushes!

Rachel xo



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