I have never done an empties post before which I am surprised at as I use so many products up each month!


L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk Dry to Sensitive Skin 400ml (£5.99)

I love this cleanser, it gets all my makeup off including mascara which lets be honest is a bitch to get off. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and it’s not too harsh. I often use this with my cleansing NSpa brush. I have already purchased another!


The Skin System (Asda) cotton wool buds 130 (75P)

Now not only are these crazy cheap, 75p for 130, they are super handy. Each cotton bud has two different ends. One end is your standard kind of pointy end and then the other end has a flat, double sided end. I use these for popping spots, applying spot threatening, obviously my ears and everything else. I use these religiously.


Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream 25ml (£6.40)

This is my favourite spot treatment and I swear by it. It clears my spots up so well. I suffer from horrible spots so I use spot treatment twice a day and this is the only one that I find truly helps. I have re-purchased this already!


L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask 50ml (£7.99)

I love this mask especially when I have horrible and angry spots. It really dries them out. That is my only issue with this though, it is very drying so after using it I slather on a lot of moisturiser to get moisture back into my skin. This mask has literally lasted forever and it is one of my favourite masks so I will definitely be re-purchasing.


St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse, 60 Minute Tan 200ml (£5.99)

This was the first proper tan I’ve ever used and the only. I am super impressed with this still a year or two on, obviously not the same bottle! I have finally ran out of this one and have one for back up already. You leave it on for one hour if you want a light tan, two hours a medium tan or three hours for a dark tan! I normally leave it on for around two evenings. It washes off really nicely and after getting used to applying it gives an even nice looking tan.


Superdrug Salted Caramel Shower and Bath Soak 500ml (£2.99)

My Mum bought me this as I love Salted Caramel but to be honest it does the job but it’s not that great! It smells okay and makes a few bubbles but it could be better. I won’t be re-purchasing this.


Imperial Leather Foam Burst in ‘Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom’ 200ml (£3.15)

I love this, it creates an amazing smelling foam and I will definitely re-purchase this! Not only does it smell incredible I love the foam and I will all clean when I use this. Also I can really smell this on my throughout the day after use. It is expensive but is normally on offer in Boots or Superdrug.


Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo



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