So this year if you’ve read what I got other people for Christmas post then you’d know we only had a £20 budget for each other so I got £20 from my Mum, £20 from Hannah and £20 from my Dad if you understand! Also I know this is super late and it’s not Christmas anymore…

From my Mum:

On Christmas Eve, my Mum gave me a few presents which were two face masks, a scratch card and also the ‘Guess how much I love you book’ with a cute little note in which was adorable!


In my stocking I got some fluffy socks, tissues, a carmex, some nail files, smarties and a candle.


My Mum got me a new Rimmel Breathable Foundation, I literally only bought this a month or so ago and I feel like I need a new one as I’m nearly out and I will probably get it in a different shade. I just picked this up from Boots when I was out with her and it was £8.99.

Mum then got me this 2018 diary which we found in Homesense. I think it was about £7 or £8 so it wasn’t too expensive! I love the outside of this and when I opened the inside it just got better! There were stickers, monthly goals as well as space with a normal diary. They had loads of different styles and cover designs of these so I am sure if you went to Homesense or Tkmax you still have a chance of picking one up!

She also got my some fluffy socks which I’m sure everyone got!

I also got the Lush Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar which is my favourite!

If you’ve read my previous posts then you’d know how I have a love for water bottles so my Mum got me this adorable one with an ‘R’ on from Matalan.

Finally I got these amazing earrings from Sainsbury’s, they are Rose Gold.


From my Sister (Hannah):

Now I am obsessed with Sam Smith, like OBSESSED. So she got me the Sam Smith ‘The Thrill Of It All’ vinyl which I am so happy about as I love the album so so much!! She also got me this cup from Boots which says ‘I don’t give a sip’ on it this included products from Spa Sanctuary and they smell amazing. She also got me the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar from Lush! A Sound of Music CD and finally these little post it notes which I saw in Homesense!


From my Dad:

I really struggled in spending £20 from each of these people as I really didn’t know what I wanted so I just got bits really. Firstly, I got the Soph X Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette. I had my eye on this since it was realised and couldn’t not get it! I love supporting brands espeically collabs between people I support if that makes sense! It was £8 and from Superdrug.

Then I got this blue and white king size duvet set from Ikea which was £16 but I paid the difference. This is kinda standard and nothing too out there but I think it will go nicely with my room as I have white walls and white furniture!

Dad also got me loads of little bits like some tea lights, a glass with my initial on, fluffy socks, m and ms and other bits that are now dotted round my room.

From my Grandparents (Dad’s parents):

My Grandparents this year got my Mum, sister and I a new cooker! Ours broke a while ago so they very kindly have bought us a new one. They normally give us about £100 each so instead we got a cooker. They also gave us a £50 voucher for a Waitrose food shop.

From Dom (My Boyfriend):

Firstly my Boyfriend got me this AMAZING speaker! When I last saw him when he was over for my Birthday I was going on and on about getting a speaker. When my Boyfriend and I spend time to each other we often use his speaker so he got me one similar. It is rose gold and is literally perfect. He also got me this adorable little cactus which featured in my Gift Guide, I have it on my keys. It is also personalised with my name on it and has a little star on it which makes it even cuter! Finally he got me the Beyonce perfume, the same as last year, I love the packaging of this.


A few other things:

I got a £15 voucher for my local shopping mall from a lovely couple from my Church.

My Auntie and Uncle got my a medium Yankee Candle in the scent ‘Exotic Fruits’ and it smells divine!

From another Auntie and Family I got £20 and a few other bits.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas,

Rachel xo



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