So I can’t believe this year has gone so quickly!! I bet every one and their mother has said that but you know, it’s so true. I thought I would put a little post together with some yearly goals.

I’m going to attempt to do 12, one for each month I guess with a rough guess of things I will be doing.


Be more active. I suffer from chronic fatigue this means a lot of the time I’m resting which I know makes it worse. I need to start being active and going for a walk a day or just doing something to get me back to ‘normal’. So, every day in January I’m going to use to couch potato to 5k runner app and try and get fitter whilst also saving my health! Also hopefully in Jan or Feb I will be able to go up to Scotland to see my Boyfriend.


Febuary is my Mum’s Birthday. I hope to give her the best Birthday ever. Also as mentioned above I will hopefully go up to Scotland to see Dom!


My goal for March is to finally take the plunge and go self posted, scary… I have been putting it off for a while but I think by then I will know if I can maintain my blog and see how I’m getting on with it. Also I mean March but hopefully before then! If anyone has any tips or blog posts about this I’d find them super helpful to read please.


I’m supposed to be seeing Harry Styles and Michael McIntyre this month so my goal is to go to both of those concerts/shows! I also hope by April that I have passed my driving test and somehow managed to insure myself on mums car, basically raise about £1000…


My goal for May is 150 Blog followers, probably naive of me but it’s worth a shot.


In June I’m seeing Michael McIntyre again, I know I’m obsessed, this time with my Boyfriend in Glasgow which means a trip up to Scotland. Like the other concerts in April I hope I am able to go and face all my anxiety.


Now in July I’m going on my first Family holiday since my parents being apart, with my Mum, Sister, Grandparents and hopefully my Boyfriend! Let’s hope this runs smoothly and I manage to go okay.


The summer basically! I hope to do nice things with my family this month. August normally flies by so hopefully we can fit some nice things in.


So in September is when my two online courses end, my goal is to complete and pass both of these courses.


My Birthday month 🙋🏻💃🏽 who knows what I’ll be doing in October but I hope I have made some new friends, ones that don’t make me feel rubbish basically.


It’s so weird thinking this far ahead as I guess a lot of things will have changed but my goal is for my health to be a lot better and my strength to come back, please.


Christmas month! I hope this Christmas is happier than the last and my family is a bit happier.

I can’t wait to review these in a years time! What are your goals for the next year ahead?

Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo


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  1. Oh my gosh I’m going to be seeing Harry Styles in June as well! I’m so excited for us both! You’ve got some great goals too! I hope you’re able to keep up with them; I never can haha

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