SO the big day is coming…! The anti-climatic day where some people are spoiled with presents. This year I thought I would write a post all about what I bought other people this year rather than what I want… My family and I are each giving £20 worth of presents to each other this year and that’s it. It’s not much but hey my parents are nearly divorced and practically have no money. I haven’t really asked for anything yet as to be honest all I want is to see my Boyfriend.


So with my £20 budget for my Mum I firstly got her these two tops from Dorothy Perkins, I think! They were on offer during Black Friday and she asked for clothes so that’s what she got. I also got her a new Christmas Tree, I mean she has it now as we have our tree up so it won’t be something she opens on Christmas Day.

Now my Sister and I were rather sneaky, even though we only had a £20 budget to spend on each other we decided to absolutely SPOIL my mum!! And I mean spoil 🙊 we got her candles, a new vacuum, perfume ect ect ect. I will include a full list below…

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Perfume

She smelt this in Boots months ago and I made a little note of it.


Vax Blade 32V Cordless vacuum cleaner

We gave this to her early as I couldn’t resist! It has already been a life saver.

12 packets of Lebuchken… one for every month of 2018! (If you haven’t tried them, you need to.)


Pandora Entwined Hearts Necklace

My Sister and I bought my Mum a ring from Pandora not too long ago with two hearts on it so this is similar and kind of matches!


A Personalised Yankee candle

I wrapped this up before taking photos but it just says ‘Happy Christmas Mum’ on it and it’s green and a Christmas scent.

A new basic jumper from H and M, I can’t find it online but it is just plain!

George Michael ‘Listen Without Prejudice’ Vinyl

An emotional favourite.


No7 skincare set

Mum is always intruiged by No7 Skincare but never buys it so this little set should keep her going for a while.


Cath Kidston Leaf Print Small Lucky bag. 

My Mum isn’t a crazy bag lady like me so I think this one is perfect for her.

Love you to the Moon and back sign, I couldn’t find a photo of the exact one but it’s similar.


We bought a new whole set of plates (big and small), bowls, glasses and mugs from Ikea.

An adorable heart shaped box with all her favourite sweets/snacks in.

A new load of 5 baking trays because we just got a new cooker. These were just from Tesco.

A set of White Ladder Shelves from Sue Ryder

These hopefully will fit perfect in her room.


I have no idea how we managed to buy and keep all this stuff in our bedrooms without our Mum realising! Also, I’m sorry I couldn’t take actual photos, I have wrapped everything already!

Sister (Hannah)

So for Hannah I got her a new dressing gown, she did ask for one so I had been on a mission ever since to find one. I have 3 dressing gowns so I think she wanted to join the bandwagon! The one I found was off Asos and it is Navy Blue with stars and has little ears on the hood which is adorable. It cost £28 so a bit over budget but I wouldn’t have found something this nice in Primark so £8 over… It is sold out at the moment but Link >Here<


I also got her this absolutely gorgeous necklace which you’ll be able to see in the photo below! My Sister is literally my best friend so I couldn’t not get her this. It was over budget and I didn’t tell her I was getting her it so it was a surprise but she’s worth it. Link >Here<


I wrapped this up in tissue paper and included a few of her favourite things such as the Vanilla Chai Shower Gel from The Body Shop , Chocolate, Alcohol ect!



With my Dad my Sister and I chipped together and bought him a new Ikea Grey Office chair…. We went over budget so oops. My Sister and I also took him to see the new Pitch Perfect film the day it was realised as he LOVES Pitch Perfect!



So for my Grandma and Grandpy my sister and I got us tickets to go to the Aerospace Concorde thing that has opened up near where we live. They have wanted to go their for ages but haven’t so we thought what better thing to do than take them! We (Hannah and I) got my Grandma a Where’s Wally puzzle which hopefully she will find funny.


Auntie (Julie)

The only Auntie I really have contact with. She is Gin obsessed so I made her some Gin and Tonic Fudge using a Jane’s Patiserrie recipe (Of course). I show you how I make this in my Christmas Bakes blog post which will be coming soon.


Boyfriend (Dom)

I can’t really share what I bought Dom for Christmas as he occasionally reads my blog posts (I use the term occasionally loosely 😉 ). I am not seeing him this year over Christmas so I’ll probably be giving him my presents next year now… His main present is something I have been saving for forever and we’ll finally be able to do it when I pass my driving test. I’m hoping next July and we’ll stay over night. I got him some other things but again I can’t share them so…. sorry!

That’s all this year really, thank you for reading.

Rachel xo



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