The First Time I… TAG!

The First Time I… TAG!

I love this idea so much as you get to look back and have to actually think about these things so here goes…

The First Time I….

Had a party – Only child parties where I’d have loads of boys over for my Birthday. I was literally just friends with boys…

Had an operation – Never.

Went to a party – Who knows as I was too young to remember!

Attended a school disco – Year one or two I’m guessing. Probably a Christmas or Valentines Day one!

Drank Alcohol – When I was younger I would literally try anything my parents were so probably about 6!

Smoked – Never.

Kissed a guy –  Properly? probably 16…

Attended a wedding – I think I was about 7 and it was someone from my Church.

Had a boyfriend – My first proper boyfriend who wasn’t an idiot is Dom my boyfriend now but there’s been a few others haha.

Posted on Instagram – My first Instagram was a picture with an old friend and I, the caption was ‘Sunbathing with Bae’….

Bought Makeup – I had a Lancome Mascara in year 5 I’m guessing.

Got a tattoo/piercing – I first got my ear pierced in summer 2015 I think it was now! It was really spontaneous and at like 9pm in Claires after they’d closed.

Posted a blog post – I started my blog months before actually posting and my first post went up on the 5th of January 2017 so this year, I remember writing it so well as I was at my Boyfriend’s house in Spain and he gave me the confidence to actually post it after making him read it through many times!

Thank you for reading! I’d love to see you do this so I tag you reading this to do it.

Rachel xo 



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