I thought I would share 10 of my favourite things, let’s be honest most of them are makeup/skincare but that’s me!

Barry M lipgloss in the shade ‘Toffee, you can’t really buy this anywhere anymore minus Ebay (I think) but it’s insane. I’m looking for dupes for this as I am running out!


My MacBook Air. My sister actually bought me this which I was shocked at! But I get so much use out of it and it is super handy to have.


Maybelline Tattoo Brow, this has literally changed me!! I have thin, patchy brows and the results of this are wondrous. For £12.99 and multiple uses you can’t go wrong. Previous REVIEW 

Black Asos Paper Bag Waist Boyfriend Jeans with Belt, that’s a mouthful! These are absolutey gorgeous. They are £38 however I got them during Black Friday so they were 20% off and I couldn’t resist.

My Dog aka the second Love of my life ❤ My Dog, Max, is the most lovely pup to ever exist and is genuinely my best friend and I love him so much! He even has a whole post dedicated to him if you want to know more >HERE<

Kettle Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Crisps. These are my absolute favs and I eat them way to much it’s bad!!

IMG_1845 2

Candles, I love candle as much as the next person. Whether they’re from the Supermarket or Yankee Candle you can’t go wrong. They bring warmth and light and obviously the scent! I always have candles burning especially this time of the year.


The Ordinary Lactic Acid. I only recently got this but have used it every day and am seeing a great difference in my skin. I have a lot of dents and lumps on my skin. It has damage and scars from old spots and I was recommended this so after giving it a try I am super impressed and it’s one of my favourite things right now!

Beyonce my Queen 🙌🏼 who doesn’t love a bit of Bey? Whether it’s Destiny’s Child or just the Queen herself then her music just gets you in the zone! I always go back to it.


My Boyfriend, is that acceptable? He is just simply lush and I’m so cheesy but I don’t even care. The distance is horrible but I sit myself down often and just remember why it’s continuing and it’s just him! He is the best.

Thank you for reading, what are your 10 favourite things?

Rachel xo 


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