Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser Review!

I was so intrigued by this when I saw it and thought it would be great to review. Natural Collection is a makeup brand by Boots (I think!) and it’s all affordable and really good quality. They do pretty much everything from Setting Powder to mascara, all being under £3! They have had a bit of a re-design in there packaging so the Tinted Moisturiser I have looks a bit different now.

Link >HERE<


£2.99 for 40ml.


There’s no scent to it really.


I got this in the shade ‘Natural’. I don’t remember seeing many shades to be honest, 5 at most.



It’s basic but what can you expect for £2.99!

Where you can buy it

You can only get this from Boots.


I am actually really surprised at this, the coverage is really good. A tinted moisturiser is literally a moisturiser with a tint to even your skin tone however I would say this is more like a foundation! It gave super good coverage to my skin, I have a lot of blemishes and mostly scaring so it takes a good full coverage foundation to cover those and this does that! I would say it is a bit orangey on my skin but I think this was me not blending it enough.


All in all I am super impressed although I would say it isn’t a tinted moisturiser, it’s more of a medium coverage foundation so it does more than it’s supposed to! I recommend this if you’re looking for a cheap and affordable foundation.

Excuse the ears…

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