I recently saw Adina May talking about the Vitamin E Hydrating Mist from Superdrug on her YouTube channel and was so intrigued. If you’ve seen my monthly goals then you’d know I want to get into my skincare and actually look after it more so this was my start into this!


I picked up the Vitamin E ‘SPF 15 moisturising day cream’, the Vitamin E ‘Hydrating Mist’, the Vitamin E ‘Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator’ and finally the Vitamin E ‘Dual Phase Cleansing Oil’. They each cost £2.99 and they’re are currently buy one get one half price so it’s a bargain!

I thought it would be good to use items that are all in the same range. So far I am absolutely loving them.

I use the Dual Phase Cleansing Oil every morning and night, I simply just put it on a cotton pad and swipe over my skin. I find this removes any dirt on my skin so well and makeup. I like that it is Oil as it leaves my skin feeling amazing!

I then use the SPF 15 Moisturising Day Cream also every morning and at night. This leaves my skin feeling so smooth and I’m loving using it so far.

After that I spritz my face with the Hydrating Mist. This is kind of a toner as well as Hydrating Mist which I really like as it’s easy to put on. In my opinion it is like Mac Fix + and also a toner and for £2.99 instead of £18 then I’ve found a winner!! I will definitely be re purchasing after I finish using this as I’m so impressed.

The Oatmeal Gentle Exfoliator was one thing I was unsure about, I usually use Clarins which is about £24 I think and I’m pretty much dedicated to that! I have only used this once so far and I like it, I think a few more uses will show which I prefer!

All in all I am absolutely in love with this range and considering it is by Superdrug that impressed me even more. These for sure will be featuring in future posts and I will be trying more of the range to see if it’s all amazing!

Thank you for reading and Adina for the amazing suggestion!

Rachel xo



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  1. I’ve been really wanting to try more from their vitamin e range, but I find a lot of their products to be sold out. Which is so annoying when I don’t live in the UK :/ You should their vitamin e sleeping mask – I’ve been using it a lot lately and loving it.

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