Personal, bye for now

I won’t lie, this time of year is shit for me as it is for lots of others I guess. The most wonderful time of the year is really not.

I don’t want to be a downer but I really am not feeling writing at the moment. I have several blog posts scheduled which I will let go up as usual but I don’t know about writing my other Christmas planned posts.

Family is horrible and Christmas just adds more pain into the mix that my family are no longer together. Seeing so many other people happy just breaks me as I wish I and the people around me were. Also I’m not able to see my Boyfriend like planned, the one thing I was relying on to make this time better.

I have Chronic Fatigue, not the syndrome though so I clearly don’t need any help! Or so that’s what the Hospital told me yesterday.

I have my good days and I thought today was one of those days and I have just hit rock bottom so my deepest apologises.

I hope you all have the loveliest of Christmas and New Year and I will see you soon I guess.

As I said before there will still be posts going up but that’ll probably be it.


9 thoughts on “Personal, bye for now

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  1. Christmas can be a really hard time for a lot of people! Just know that there are loads of people who care about you and I hope you feel better soon! Taking a break and looking after yourself can be the best thing sometimes xxxx

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