So I started driving lessons in September and for someone with anxiety that is a big deal, hence why I’m writing a post all about it!

My first lesson actually went so well considering I was terrified and I was calm and everything I did went extremely well. I went on pretty main roads also which I thought was impressive for literally my first lesson. On my second lesson I did loads of roundabouts and getting used to other cars, again it went so well! Minus the end when I nearly knocked the wind mirror off haha! The next ones until now have gone well. I am becoming more confident! I think with driving you need to understand that you are learning, it is a totally new experience which is incredibly scary for a lot of people!

Also I find if I get worked up about my lesson then it goes so badly so normally before my lesson I really destress and keep myself calm, this really is shows in my lessons.

I started Theory Test practice quite early on after starting lessons as I wanted to be prepared. However I have had my first theory test and unfortunately failed as I was so worked up about it, should’ve listened to my own advice about being calm!


  • Stay calm, even if you are scared you have your instructor there and they are there to help.
  • Practice before, I did this with my mum and had been for months before actually starting lessons and it was super handy as I already knew the basics so could get straight into learning hence why on my first lesson I went on main roads!
  • Drink water before, not too much but it’s good to keep hydrated. Also the same with food, make sure you have eaten and have energy.
  • Buy a theory test app, there’s one for about £4 and it’s really helping me to practice and study for it.

I hope this helped in some way especially if you are anxious about lessons. Please drop me a comment if you have any questions or found this helpful!

Rachel xo


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  1. Was so nervous for my driving exam but those classes really helped!

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  2. Glad to hear your lessons are going well!

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  3. Before getting my permit I test drove all the time, now I have my permit (twice renewed) and I have so much anxiety about it haha. Great tips and best of luck with all your lessons and tests x

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    1. Thank you lovely! I guess you’ve just got to get used to it as it’s a totally new skill xx

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