So when in Asda recently I was looking at the makeup brushes as I always need new ones of course! I saw the Asda makeup stand along with the Rimmel and Maybelline and thought I would pick a few ‘George’ makeup items to test! Asda is known for being a cheap Supermarket so when I got these items I didn’t really expect too much. All items I picked up and saw were £5 or under also so it’s really affordable.

I picked up the Cosmic Blush Baked Blusher Aurora, Tamer Brow Cream in ‘Medium’, Satin Lipstick in ‘Charm’ and Get Set Setting Powder in ‘Translucent’.


I’m going to do my normal makeup and then obviously use the George items when I get to that part!

So firstly onto using the Setting Powder to set my base, this cost £2.50 for 14.5g. I used the bare minimum of this as I didn’t want to look completely white! It looks okay on my skin however I have noticed that my skin has creased a little bit around my chin where it usually doesn’t although under my eyes are fine. I am presuming that this is because I didn’t set it quick enough. All in all I like this product and I will continue to use it.

Then I did my brows with the Tamer Brow Cream. I have never used pomade on my brows so was especially intruiged about this product. This cost £2.50 for 1.5g. When I opened it I was kind of gutted as someone had clearly used it :/ I cleaned the little brush and also wiped over the top as I thought it was grim that someone had used it in store!! I used this once and it looked horrific however when I tried it again today I applied it super lightly and used a spoolie to make it look more natural and it looks amazing! I really like how full my brows look.

I then went in with the Blush Baked Blusher Aurora next and used this more of a highlight at first to try it out and then slapped it on to my cheeks! This cost £5 for 6.5g, it was the most expensive item I picked up. The packaging looks okay, it reminds me of other blushes I’ve seen from Boots and ones from Milani. When I opened this the pan did fall out so I had to glue it back down! This is lovely though, you get such a big pan and I used it for highlight and blush meaning it would be great to take away on holiday.

Finally I used the Satin Lipstick, which was £2.50 for 3g. The packaging is kind of basic, nothing too special. The shade is slightly different to the bullet shows so I was kind of disappointed. However the colour on my lips is gorgeous, it is really long lasting and I’m super impressed. It lasted through two meals and just looks amazing on the lips. I am genuinely shocked by this and to be honest will probably pick up some other colours!

Thank you for reading, I really enjoyed testing these products! Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the actual look as I got rushed out the door and forgot.

Rachel xo


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