I got this Red denim jacket from Asos about a month ago and haven’t really worn it so thought when I did it was worth writing a post! This outfit is casual however I dressed it up with the Jacket and boots!

Onto the OOTD: 

Basic T-shirt – I got this recently from Primark and it was only £2.50! An absolute bargain if I do say so, it just says ‘Mon Amour’ on it with some roses. It is so pretty and comfy!

Black Mom Jeans – These are from Topshop and I’ve had these for years now, they are super comfy and flattering. The denim is super thick which for Winter I love as they’re warm!

Brown/Tan Belt – This is just from Primark and was about £2 I think! It really brings outfits together.

Grey Heeled Boots – I bought these from Missguided as a Birthday present to myself last month! Again I am yet to wear them as I’ve been poorly so haven’t gone out anywhere too fancy. These are a gorgeous grey colour with a heel. They have eyelet detailing around the top which is stunning. Also they’re on sale at the moment!

Red Denim Jacket – This was £42 off Asos, which is expensive but it was a treat to myself okay!! I hate that I haven’t got much wear out of this as it’s gorgeous but I’m trying. I wish I would have got it in a size 8 or a 6 as it is oversized. I think it really brings the outfit together and goes super well with the black jeans.

Excuse the dog in the background!

That sums the outfit up.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Rachel xo



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