For my Dad’s birthday my sister and I were wondering what we could do that’s special as it was his 50th on the first of November!

We went to Golden Cap Holiday Park in Seatown and stayed in a camping pod! We grew up going to Charmouth and Lyme Regis on holidays with my family so it is somewhere truly special to us.

It cost £100 for 2 nights for 3 of us which is so reasonable! Booking was also really easy.

Onto the weekend….

We had about a two hour journey down to Charmouth and my Dad didn’t actually know where we were going or staying which added to the excitement!

When we arrived it was pitch black and we couldn’t really see a thing. We drove round the campsite a few times before we eventually found the pods. When we got there the women had opened up our pod and left the light and heating on as we arrived at about 9pm and then reception was closed. After sorting our stuff out and making it feel homely we had some food and then nestled down for the night.


I didn’t sleep well at all and my anxiety really took it’s toll. However I powered through and eventually got some sleep, we then woke up at about 8.30/9 am. We wandered up to the toilet and shower block and I showered and surprisingly it was really nice! I was very unsure of the fact that we had to use a shower and toilet block but it was better then average! After we got ready we went to Lyme Regis to have brunch. We found this place along the highstreet called ‘The Gallery Cafe’ where we had Sausage baps, hands down the nicest bread I have ever eaten! After this we wandered up the highstreet into the gardens where they have crazy golf. There is an absolutely gorgeous view from up there and it was so relaxing, somewhere I wish I could be with my Boyfriend right now.

We ummed and ahhed about playing crazy golf but decided against it. After a little stroll along the beach we sat down on the pebbles to take everything in! It was so relaxing and I wish I lived by the sea :(( Finally we went and bought some fudge and left to go back to our Pod.

On the way back we popped into Charmouth and stayed in the car as it was freezing and raining but we watched the sea for a while.

IMG_1242 2.JPG

Then we had a 10 minute drive back to the Pod where we all relaxed! We decided together that we weren’t going to stay an extra night as I really didn’t feel well. We still wanted to have a bbq though so we did! We only had sausages as forgot to buy anything else. I was on BBQ duty which was great fun! The sausages were black but surprisingly tasty. After that we just headed home.

Thank you so much for reading!

Rachel xo


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