So of course I wrote a gift guide for women and couldn’t not do one for men! I pulled a few things together at various prices so hopefully this will help you out getting presents for boyfriends, friends, dads, grandads ect.

Link to women’s gift guide >HERE<

Under £10

Now if you know someone who’s like my boyfriend then anything Harry Potter is a safe gift. I have bought dressing gowns and multiple other Harry Potter memorabilia and it’s always safe.

If the person you’re buying a gift for is anything like my Dad then they look wine! This is a funny kind of jokey present that I’m sure if I’m stuck for a present for my Dad I will buy it!

Under £30

A bargain price for VR! Just slip your phone in and voila, the perfect gift for a bargain.

They offer these in a range of places over the UK and I’m sure you can find similar if you aren’t from the UK. This is perfect for your parents, to do with a partner or friend.

Under £50

A half price coffee machine, a great gift for a coffee fanatic.

Drones are popular these days and can be £100s so why not try this for under £50! It claims to be the easiest drone ever to use so great for a beginner!

Over £50

I am biased with this one as my Boyfriend wears it and it smells insane. Any gift of perfume or aftershave is great for guys.

Kinda random but if you know someone who loves a slush puppie then why not! Men Kind also have so many gifts for men so do check them out if you’re stuck.

I hope this helped some of you!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xo


Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog)

Insta: @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

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