So I can’t believe it’s that time again!! Monthly favourites already? It’s only just turned into September right?


Glass water bottle from home sense – £6.99

I love water bottles. My sister and I are literally freaks about water bottles and whenever we see nice ones we buy them. Why you may ask? I have no idea. My mum hates it, the cupboards are full of them but it’s just an obsession. When I saw this I was interested as I love glass bottles however they are so hard to drink out of normally. This one however is so nice and easy to drink out of and I highly recommend. I think the brand of this is called ‘Manna’ and this is a link to their page >Manna<

Mini Donuts from Sainsburys

Probably pretty random however oh my gosh, I wouldn’t want to know how many I’ve eaten this month. They’re a pound I think and you get like 20 and ah, sugar comma.

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil in the shade 05 Tangerine 

I love Clarins and the lip oil in the shade honey has been one of my favourites for ages and my mum bought me the tangerine one recently and I really like it. It does leave a little colour on your lips but it smells divine. I have a post going up about the Clarins Lip oils in a couple weeks time. Link here


Rosie For Autograph (M & S) Eau De Perfume 30ml 

I got this for my birthday, if you’ve read my ‘what I got for my 18th birthday haul’ then you’d know this 😉 Link >here<. It smells gorgeous, my boyfriend and everyone complimented me on this when I wore it and when my boyfriend compliments me on something like fragrance it’s a good thing haha. This is really reasonably priced, £14 for 30ml, and I will be purchasing the 75ml one which costs £28.


Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter

I bought this in Duty Free on the way home from my trip to Scotland, I had wanted it for ages so because I was on my own and had no one to stop me I just went for it… oops…. I think it was about £16 when normally it’s £24.50. Link to shop >here<. It gives such a gorgeous and subtle highlight and is perfect.


Nip and Fab Bee Sting Fix Toning Pads

I picked these up in Homesense this month for about £8 when normally they retail for £12.95. I saw Rach Leary talking about these and her skin is amazing so of course I picked them up. I love them. I use one every night before going to bed and there is a huge difference in my skin because of this. They are quick and easy to use. 10/10.


The Gym

I have fallen back in love with the gym, yayyy!!! My anxiety has been stopping me from going to the gym for months until my sister joined and now she comes with me and it’s great! We workout together and I’m kind of her Personal Trainer, for free may I add, I’m so much happier already from working out again.

Oral-B 3D White Luxe ‘Perfection’ Toothpaste

I only got this literally this week and I am alreadyimpressed! My teeth aren’t exactly bad or really yellow but they could be whiter. I picked this up as it was £3 and I thought what could go wrong! After using it probably about 7 times now my teeth are so much noticeably whiter, after the first use I could see a difference which is amazing! I really recommend this.


Thank you for reading! Most were beauty related favourites, sorry not sorry.

Rachel xo 


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