Most people who do makeup or wear it have to wash their brushes right? Or at least that’s what we tell everyone… Oh yeah I was my brushes weekly!

A lot of people use baby shampoo or shampoo, I use the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser just as I trust it!

What do I use?

As I said above I use the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser Gel with the Real Techniques Brush cleansing palette. These work great along side each other I just simply put a tiny bit of the gel in the palette and you’re good to go!


Is it worth the money?

Yes and no, it’s cheaper to buy baby shampoo or alternatives but I trust this and the majority of my brushes are Real Techniques so I think they go well together.


The Brush cleanser is £7.50 and you get 150ml per bottle.

The brush cleansing palette is £12.99.


In my opinion the Gel doesn’t really smell of anything which is good as then my brushes don’t smell heavily scented.

Where you can buy it

You can get them both in Boots and Superdrug, my sister and I get this off amazon and have a subscription where every two months a new bottle is delivered!


  • After washing your brushes use rolled up flannels and place upside down so the water all comes out.
  • Normal hand soap is a great cheaper alternative.
  • Make sure if you have spots of brushes you are using on spots that you wash them straight away. Don’t be tempted to use it again as you are just spreading and keeping that spot there.

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo 


Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog)

Insta: @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

Depop: @rachelcrocker_

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