Clinique chubby stick sculpting contour review

I love Clinique products but only recently found them! The first product I bought was there 2 in 1 foundation from duty free and secondly what this post is all about, the contour stick.

I saw Saffron Barker use this a few times and I loved how though although it looked quite heavy on application it’s actually really blend-able and gives a gorgeous contour.


£19.50 for 6g.


It smells like a lipstick in my opinion, nothing too much.


01 – Curvy Contour


The packaging is sort of average, nothing to special but it feels more luxurious than a drugstore product.

Where you can buy it

You can buy this from Clinique obvs, Boots, Debenhams, Feel Unique & Sephora.


I love this product, every time I wear makeup I use it without fail. It gives such a subtle contour when you blend well however can also be worn stronger. It blends like a dream, I can use any contour/bronzer brush that I own and it still blends to perfection. It does kinda look like mud when you apply it but if you aren’t put off by that it’s perfect.



I really recommend this if you are looking for a great contour stick, it suits everyone as you can have super strong contour or blend it. I haven’t found an exact dupe but apparently the Maybelline Master Contour Stick is similar. It is also super worth the money, I got it for £12.50 from the Cosmetic Company Store and it’s worth every penny.

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo 


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