Now I don’t normally write too personal things on my blog BUT it’s my boyfriend and I’s two year anniversary today so I thought I’d write a little post all about the past two years.

Previous post about him, Dedicated to him


Two years ago on the 31st of October I finalllyyy became my boyfriend’s girlfriend! If you  have read my post that I linked above then you’d know we are long distance from Spain to the UK. Recently he has moved back to the UK in Scotland (post all about my visit here!) which means the distance is shorter and we are getting to see each other more regularly!

In the past two years we both have faced struggles personally and obviously the distance, it sucks it really does however we have got a good balance and one day it’ll be worth everything. Personally, I finished School with my GCSEs and have been really poorly. So poorly that I couldn’t continue education after school. This has been a real strain on us both in the past year or so but he’s stuck by me.

My mental health has been up and down. My anxiety quite literally took over my day to day life but this is changing. Over the past two months I’ve started college… at home online. My anxiety has improved so much and I genuinely can’t thank him enough for his support and belief in me, if I didn’t have him there then I would not be as far along my health journey as I would be now. I literally owe him everything.

Thank you for the past two years, here’s to the next two and many more. I love you ❤️❤️❤️ you are the kindest, more selfless person I know and I am so lucky to know you so well. 

Rachel xxx

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