Now I’m not really super into halloween so wasn’t planning any related posts however when I read Bella Inizio’s latest post with a deer makeup look I thought I’d give it a shot! I am going to copy her routine but change some of the products.

Link to her blog >here< (she is just over 50 followers away from 1000!)

Link to the post >here<



So she started doing her base which I’m just going to do also, foundation and concealer. I used the Rimmel Breathable foundation, Collection concealer.


Next she took the darkest shade in her contour kit, I’m going to be using a mix of hoola by bronzer and also NYX Taupe Blush, she blended this into her crease. This gives an illusion of a deeper set eye. She then used a white liner to brighten the eyes but I literally do not wear eyeliner so I skipped this step. I did however apply a little highlighter around my eye as well as using the black lipstick I used underneath and above my eye, just very lightly. After this I just applied mascara like she did.


For this adorable nose firstly Bella used the same contour shade to contour her nose, this was to slim down the nose. After this she used a black liner and drew and filled in the nose! She wrote ‘find the very top of your nostrils and with a black liquid eyeliner (I used the L’Oreal Perfect Slim Liquid Eyeliner) and put a dot at the top of each. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to connect the two. Going over your nose, draw a line connecting the two dots. Then go back to the nostrils and draw around the curve of each, until you’re about half way and glide the eyeliner inwards to create a seamless look. After that it’s colouring in time!’. I thought rather than trying to explain this myself I would just copy that in. I followed that step very carefully as my hands are shaky but it seemed to go okay. I used the same MAC black lipstick as I literally don’t own an eyeliner…


Then you get the excitement of adding black lipstick to your lips! She used one from Maybelinne and I used the MAC ‘in the spirit’ lipstick. As you can see of the picture of her look she did a little black line down to the lips and then you colour your top lip in. I found it super hard as it kept going on to my bottom lip!


Finally you contour, again with a dark shade and I just used the same contour products as before. Use the darkest product possible to make it really stand out before then using concealer to carve out little spots, she gave a guide of about 5 pence pieces.

That is it! It really is pretty simple and if I can do it I’m sure you can!

Thank you so much Bella Inizio for the idea and I’m so excited to have re-created your look! Be sure to check out her post also.

Thank you also for reading,

Rachel xo


Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog)

Insta: @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

Depop: @rachelcrocker_


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