For my Birthday my Dad got me this gorgeous Ted Baker bag! I can’t tell you the name of it due to the fact that it has now been discontinued 😦 It’s RRP was £109 but we got it for about £60 in John Lewis! Bargain. It is this stunning grey colour with Rose Gold hardware. Inside has prints of Hares and Cheetahs. Although it doesn’t look like it inside is actually really spacious.

What’s in my bag? 

So firstly in my bag is of course my purse! My purse is from Jack Wills and was about £29.50 I think and was a gift from my boyfriend last year. Along side this is my boots coupons!

Next is my set of house keys, I don’t normally go out on my own so there is no need to carry keys but they’re always there if needed!

Then is my phone, I have the iPhone 6s in RoseGold and I put this in my bag if I don’t have pockets.

I have a small bottle of hand sanitiser because I hate germs or feeling dirty just as the next person does!

Then a little perfume spray from next, my lipstick combo I am wearing for the day which is a soap and glory lipstick and Barry M gloss.

Next is a pair of headphones. Just in case I get anxious in public and need to meditate or obviously to listen to music.

After that is my fidget cube, my sister bought me this off amazon and it’s the best thing to ever exist.

Also a pack of polos and hair tie.

In the little zip compartment I keep a spare pad because you never know.

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo 


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Insta: @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

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