I love trying out new hair care products and when I recently was in Boots (as always) I saw that these were 3 products for £15 which retails at them being £5 each!

I was intrigued by this particular range as I think I had seen it mentioned somewhere online. When I saw they were on offer I thought it would be the perfect time to try them!

I picked up the sea salt shampoo, foaming conditioner and mud mask! I was really drawn to these as the shampoo came in a pot that a mask would normally come in, the conditioner is a liquid that turns to foam and the mask is a clay like mud mask!


First impressions!

I really like this range.

I was apprehensive because after using the shampoo there’s was so much sea salt in my hair which took ages to get out however my hair needed it and it has given my hair so much moisture.

The conditioner I was confused at as it looks like a foaming cleanser by simple I used to use! When you put it on your hair it is so light and you hardly feel it. However it does make a difference I think to using shampoo alone to using shampoo and conditioner.

The mud mask felt like I was putting a facemask on…but in my hair?! HOWEVER this is incredible. I can see results after my first use to now (I’ve probably used it 4 times and the mask 2).

Now I wouldn’t recommend for every hair wash as it takes a while to ensure all the shampoo is out due to the salt and obviously a mask you leave in for a while however if you want a pamper or have 15 minutes spare time then go buy this trio! My hair is so much healthier and I’m really impressed by these products.

If you have any questions do feel free to ask and YES they are still on sale at Boots so go go go…..❤️
Thank you so much for reading,

Rachel xo


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