My 18th Birthday Weekend Away in BATH!

SO this is the first post all about my BIRTHDAY! I will also be doing a haul of what I got for my 18th!

My mum wanted to do something special for my birthday and Bath is literally one of my favourite places so we decided to go to the Thermae Bath Spa, somewhere my boyfriend and I had been to before. The Thermae bath spa is absolutley gorgeous! My mum, sister and boyfriend had the pleasure of joining me on this little weekend away and I couldn’t have picked three people I’d want to spend it with more! I wish I could insert photos but there is a no phones policy so didn’t get any!


We left ridiculously early on Saturday morning as we wanted to get into the spa when it opens and when it’s least busy. We got there about 9ish and queued for a good 20 minutes before eventually getting in. You have towels, robes and flip flops provided which is so handy! It cost £38 for two hours on the weekend, £35 on a weekday and it is worth every penny. It was so special to spend this time with my mum and sister especially and it made me happy to spend it with them as they really enjoyed theirselves. I will insert some pictures from online to show you!

After the spa we walked around bath and were tourists and also popped in a few shops and had lunch. We wanted weather spoons but there were no tables so fortunately there was a Tgi Fridays next door! It was really nice and we were all stuffed.

We then made it to our hotel. We stayed in a Premier Inn, just the one by the shops, which was standard! I stayed in a room with my boyfriend and my sister and mum were in another. When we got to the hotel we all crashed out and fell asleep for a couple of hours. Then we went out at about 6ish and had another walk around, everyone else had McDonalds as there wasn’t much else open and I just had some water as I didn’t feel to well. The hotel had this insane mirror that I couldn’t not take some selfies in!

The next day, after the best sleep I’ve probably ever had, we wandered down to breakfast at about 10am. The resturant where the breakfast was served was delightful and we were so impressed. The interior was lovely and the food was delicious. After that we headed back to our rooms to pack up. Eventually we were finally ready to go so we put our bags in the car and had a last wander around Bath shops.

If you ever get the chance to visit Bath there are endless shops!

That concludes my Birthday weekend away, I hope you enjoyed reading! I also made a little travel log about it, it’s nothing too special and mainly consists of car singing but if you want more of an insight the click >HERE< and do subscribe!

Rachel xo


Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog) @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

Depop: @rachelcrocker_


PS I’m tempted to get a tattoo…. anyone had one or written posts about them before?

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