Hello! So this weekend I have spent in Scotland at my boyfriends. He lives somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I’m obviously not going to give the exact location! My dad and sister were staying in a travel lodge in Edinburgh for one night and leaving the Sunday evening and then I was staying at my boyfriends until Monday evening.

I flew over to Edinburgh with my sister and dad on Saturday morning, the flight was at 7 am which meant being at the airport for 5am…help, we arrived into EDI at 8.30am.

We then picked up our rental car as it’s easier to travel and cheaper than catching multiple trains and trams. After that we headed to my boyfriends flat to pick him up. After a cute reunion and big cuddle we headed to get some breakfast. There is a subway right next to my boyfriends house so we all popped in there! After we went to the Glasgow Fort (I think that is what it’s called) and it’s amazing there! There were so many shops and I’m jealous they don’t have the same where I live! We wandered round some shops, I bought some shampoo and conditioner- the basics! We picked up some donuts as they smelt divine and then headed home.

When I got to my boyfriends he showed me round and then after sorting my bed out I fell asleep for most of the day! I met his brother also which was nice considering I’ve nearly been with my boyfriend 2 years and I’ve only met his parents! Later on we met up with my dad and sister to go and watch the new Kingsman film. We got dinner before hand and then saw the movie! I had been waiting for what feels like forever to see this film so I was so happy and literally counted down the days. I really enjoyed it although spent most of it cuddled into my boyfriends shoulder as I was scared. We then went home and slept.


On Sunday we had a slow lazy morning and then met up with my dad and sister again and explored a bit, we saw some places where my boyfriend grew up which was nice and ended up at this lake/loch and took some photos! My dad and sister were then off to the airport as they had to get back as they both had work on Monday. Dom and I then had dominos for dinner and watched some films and videos.

The next day again we had a lay in which was so nice! I had to pack and get ready as we left for the airport at 6ish. Before that we popped to Lidl and got some food and had a little walk. Other than that we just relaxed before I headed to Edinburgh airport. My flight was lovely and considering my anxiety had been sky high all weekend it was the best airport experience I had ever had. My flight left early and there were only about 30/40 of us on the flight with 120 spare seats so it was really quiet and chill! I landed back home at 10ish and fell straight asleep when I got home.

That is all I did in Scotland and I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure! I wrote a previous post about my travel makeup bag so be sure to check that out >HERE<


Until next time…

Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo

Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog) @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

Depop: @rachelcrocker_

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