Tanning Routine

(Please note I have only just started tanning so please let me know if you have any tips!)

So I have only just really got into tanning, well in the past couple of months, I jumped into the deep end and went into Boots and grabbed the one I thought would be okay! I picked up the St.Moriz fast tanning mousse, I was drawn into the fact that I could decide on the colour of my tan depending on how long I leave the product on for. For a light tan you leave it on for an hour, medium two hours and then for a dark tan leave it for three hours. I like this because sometimes I just want a bit of colour so leave it for an hour but then if I want it to be dark then I leave it for longer. I usually do this in the evening and then just shower it off, I find then when I wake up in the morning it has developed really nicely!

My Routine!

Normally when I tan I shave my legs in the bath the day before I want to tan. After shaving my legs I deeply moisturise, as in bathe myself in moisturiser basically! I’m using The Body Shop Glazed Apple body butter currently. Then the next day I will exfoliate and clean away any dead skin, Im currently using The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit one next I moisturise again just before tanning. Then onto the tan. I use a mitt (just a cheap one) and start on my legs and work up my body. I then let it dry and then normally pop on my dressing gown or just some baggy pjs, I usually leave it on 3 hours. Then I just shower it off until the water runs clear and pat myself dry before going to bed. I find this works so well for me, especially moisturising before.

I don’t know if this is the ‘correct’ way to tan but I find it does the job. Please if you do have any tips then comment them down below!


Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo


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