My Favourite Facemasks!

So I personally love using facemasks, I think they totally give my skin a cleanse and clean my pores! I thought I’d share a few of my favourites and I’d love if any of you have any recommendations for me?! Also comment down below do you guys use a brush or your fingers to apply Facemasks?! I’d love to know. I use a Lancome Foundation brush.

Firstly would be the L’oreal Masks, now I didn’t jump on the bandwagon straight away when these were first released but when I bought them I realised I should have much sooner! Now I think when I bought all of these they had a third off offer in Boots but usually I think they are about £6.99 or something.


Secondly would be the Lush facemasks, I have tried out the chocolate one and the rose one before (not that I can remember the names) and I LOVE them!!! The ingredients are all fresh which I like because it means they are really good for your skin ! However they do recommend you use them in 3 weeks which I have always struggled to do when I have them! You keep them in the fridge which I also like as when you use them they are so cold and refreshing for your skin! I think these are about £5/6 each, I can’t really remember, but they are really worth it if you’re having a particularly bad time with your skin. Mask Of Magnaminty is amazing and it has honestly changed and improved my skin so much! It cost about £6 I think and is worth every penny as I use it on my body as well as face.

Then would be the Soap and Glory Purifying De-Clog. These only cost about £3/4 and last so well!! There’s two pots and usually I can get about 3 uses out of both the two together. It is bright pink and a peeling mask, I was sceptical as I usually hate peeling masks but I really like this one. I normally leave this on about 25 minutes and it really does a good job at cleaning out my pores.

Lastly would be the Clarins SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask, I only bought this last week so only have used this once but I really like it. The women on the counter explained each one and this one seemed best suited to my skin. It cost £30 which is steep for me but I really do trust and love Clarins’ products so I know it was justifiable. This is a clay mask which I like because I find it really treats the skin.

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xo

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