Hi everyone! I have been so out of the loop with blogging recently and I’m finally getting back into it. I thought I would share something that I have been doing a lot recently, my skin is so bad that it needs this!

I do this routine a couple times a week.


So firstly I use these ‘Mark Hill’ clips to put my hair out of my face, even though I normally put my hair up I have so many wispy bits. I got these from Boots. Then I use the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. This again was from Boots and was about £4.99 on offer. I have nearly used this whole thing up which breaks my heart!!

Whilst having the facemask on I usually put the Lush Bubble Gum lip scrub (RRP £5.95) on, I love this treatment and it always is so hard to not eat it!! If I don’t use this I will use a carmex.

After taking the mask off I usually leave my skin a while and then I put on the L’Oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser (RRP £9.99). I usually mix this with the Clarins Booster Detox (RRP £30) on the back of my hand.

After putting moisturiser on I always use a spot treatment, my two go to are The Body Shop Tea Tree Solution (RRP £13) and also the Lush Grease Lightning spot treatment (RRP £6.95). I obviously don’t use both at once but they are both the best I’ve tried and believe me I have used the majority of spot treatments! I always use a cotton bud the put this on and use different ones for each spot as then I am not mixing the spots together and making them worse.


I use the Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (RRP £21) twice a week in the shower. I do it in the shower as then I actually remember to do it! I only have got this recently and have noticed that is working on my skin already. I always put off using an exfoliator until I had a beauty therapist use one on me in my local Clarins in Boots and loved it.


Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo 


Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog) @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

Depop: @rachelcrocker_


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