Good Morning! I have previously done a Wishlist Blog Post and I thought I would do another as I always find these interesting to read!

I’m going to make this into a series and do another with clothing and possibly a few others if I can think of them with 5 or so items, feel free to leave any suggestions down below.

So firstly would be the ‘Violet Voss Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette’ RRP £43. I am not really a fan of Laura Lee however this palette is absolutely gorgeous. The colours are so stunning and I think it’ll be perfect for autumn! I love how there is a green shade in there also, one of my favourite colours is green so of course I would like it! A downside is I haven’t really heard anyone talk about it so I would have to look into reviews about it and also I literally never use eyeshadow so it would be a waste of money.

Next would be the ‘Iconic London Illuminator drops‘ in the shade ‘Shine’. RRP £32.99. I always see these floating around on Instagram and Youtube so would love to try them. I would use them under my foundation I think where I would further powder highlight after doing my base. They look super pigmented so would give a really nice inner glow and shine to the skin, who doesn’t love a little glow!


Also something that is so hyped about would be the ‘Anastastia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade‘ In the shade ‘Taupe’ I think I would be. RRP £15. This gets spoken about so much so I would be interested to see how good it actually is and for a high end brand it is a decent price.


Then would be the ‘IT cosmetics, Your skin but better CC+ SPF 50+‘. In the shade ‘Light’, RRP £30. Again like a couple of the products on here I have seen this on youtube especially used by Victoria, In The Frow (if you don’t know who she is then do check her out!). It looks super nice and dewy on the skin which is a look I love! It is more expensive than I would usually spend so I will probably ask for it for Christmas.


And finally, ‘MAKE UP FOR EVER, ‘Ultra HD’ stick foundation 45g‘ RRP £29. I have always loved the sound of this as it’s medium to full coverage, it claims to be lightweight also which I love because it then isn’t cakey. I’m sure like the CC cream above then I will ask for it for Christmas or save up.


Thank you for reading, comment below if you’re interested in any of the items I am or if you have them!

Rachel xo 


Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog) @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

Depop: @rachelcrocker_


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