So a couple of weeks ago rather spontaneously I flew over to Spain to see my boyfriend. We have been long distance for nearly two years now which is crazy! The flight is about 2 and a half hours which isn’t too bad. I flew over with my dad as I’m too anxious to fly alone after a bad experience and then flew back with an old friend who was visiting my boyfriends friendship group.

I was only over there for 3 full days but had such a lovely time.

I arrived on the Tuesday evening late so basically went straight to bed that night! Then on the Wednesday I was unfortunately sick due to anxiety so spent the morning on the sofa with his parents, as my boyfriend had to work, they looked after me so nicely and were so kind thankfully! Then later on that day we went round to one of his friends house, we didn’t really do much other than chat and walk to a shop, that was closed… and also went swimming. How I’d love to have a pool at my house!


On the Thursday we went to a waterpark in Benidorm called ‘Aqualandia’ with two friends, my boyfriend and I. I was really out of my comfort zone but had such a lovely day and was absolutely shattered when I got back! All in all it was an amazing day and some of the rides were so fun although most of our time was spent queuing.

On the Friday my boyfriend had to work in the morning again so I went with him (he works in a bar) and had some breakfast and just chilled on my laptop! Then later on that day we went to a shopping centre called ‘La Zenia’ which I really recommend if you’re visiting Spain (near Alicante), there are loads of shops and restaurants there. My boyfriend and I went shopping for a while before and all I bought were three sets of earrings, I got my ears pierced probably about 4 weeks ago now so I am not allowed to actually change them yet but in a couple more weeks I will be prepared to change them! I will be including the earrings in a collective haul that I will writing in the next couple of weeks. After shopping my boyfriend and I met three of his friends, we had drinks and played bowling- I won! (They all had no bumpers….I did….). After that we just went home really and chilled.

Then on Saturday we had a really relaxed morning and pretty much stayed in bed until lunch time. We went out for lunch at a local restaurant called the Med and shared some starters as neither of us were really too hungry. After that I just packed up and headed off to the airport with one of our friends who thankfully I flew back with. The flight was okay although rather tiering and I arrived back in the UK with a stinking cold!


Altogether I am so glad I plucked up the courage to go and visit my boyfriend in Spain. Although my anxiety could’ve stopped me and I could have not gone I am so glad I did, sometimes in life to put yourself out of your comfort zone it can make the world of change. My anxiety in general has improved so much thanks to this trip, small steps at a time I’m taking and that’s all you have to do.

Until next time Dom…


Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo

Insta: @youngandkindareckless (Blog) @_rachelcrocker (Personal)

Depop: @rachelcrocker_

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